Artist: Hallucinogen

Hallucinogen, the lone deranger

Simon Posford is Hallucinogen. The twisted lone deranger that warped a generation. To be honest he needs no introduction, he’s been ravaging dancefloors and opening minds for years. He has two studio albums under this name but countless other equally brilliant releases on Twisted Records. This man is probably responsible for over half of the best tunes ever. His third hallucinogen album has begun, watch this space…

Album: Twisted

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  • LSD
  • Orphic Thrench
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Dark Magus
  • Shamanix
  • Snarling Black Mabel
  • Fluoro Neuro Sponge
  • Solstice
  • Angelic Particles (Remix)

Album: Lone Deranger

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  • Demention
  • Snakey Shaker
  • Trancespotter
  • Horrorgram
  • Snarling (Remix)
  • Gamma Goblins Part 2
  • Deranger
  • Jiggle Of The Sphinx

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  1. Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: @captaincanada84 no it won't. Shpongletron tour is over for now. Festivals are all DJ sets.

  2. Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: Last show of the tour... I'm relieved and sad all at once. I intend to sleep for a very long time!…

  3. Simon Posford

  4. Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: Last night in Philadelphia the FireWire card in my mixing desk broke, 5 mins before I went onstage.…

  5. Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: @themagicball haha! I love you <3

  6. Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: My bedroom on the bus for tonight. Tomorrow's show (Thursday) in NYC is going to be mental... I've…