Artist: Prometheus

Meet Prometheus: Benji Vaughan

Producer Benji Vaughan, aka Prometheus, is one of Twisted Records’ leading producers. Shining at the forefront of the international electronica scene, creating music and playing gigs as “Prometheus” solo, “Younger Brother” and the newly created The Zap! -with respective partners in crime, Simon Posford and Raja Ram- he’s rocked thousands in countries such as Greece, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Mexico, Hungary, and the U.S, to name a few. Since the early nineties, he has been creating techno and electronica under various guises. As a producer, he is well respected in the dance music world in general, getting play from Sasha, Nick Warren, Steve Lawler and John Digweed. He has performed remix work for EMI and Jive Records as well as producing the band The Egg. In addition, he’s won several awards, most notably one from Sony for his soundtrack to a Nike TV advert.

Album: Spike

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  • Fast Train
  • Triplets
  • Blue Tubes
  • 2010
  • Dark Star
  • Rush
  • Rhythm Circuit Echo
  • Taylors Machine
  • Colt
  • Datcha

Third Album From Prometheus – sees him head off in a whole new direction in his search for a timeless sonic landscape.

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  1. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: Looking forward to #IMSEngage. 2 heroes in the house - moroder and Hans Zimmer.

  2. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: Twisted lands at the Blue Frog, Mumbai in a few hours. 2.5 hour set from Simon and Benji playing all their music...

  3. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: I think I need a snorkel, and maybe an Ark.

  4. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: 3 hour mix by Benji Vaughan to download. Tracks by Benji, Younger Brother, Shpongle and more. Track list anyone ?

  5. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: This will be available to download later today as a little pre Christmas present to you all . Enjoy, share and...

  6. Benji Vaughan
    Benji Vaughan: 3 hours of Music from Benji Vaughan...enjoy and please Share.....