Date posted: Monday, July 1st, 2013

Album: Ineffable Mysteries

Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland opens with the massive Electroplasm, a rapidfire ascent into eastern scales and rich harmonic textures, underscored with a strongly pronounced rhythmic foundation. They dial in a different mode with Shpongolese Spoken Here, which transitions from glitchy breaks to four-on-the-floor mayhem before settling into a more laid-back but bouncy number. Nothing is Something Worth Doing is a grounded yet floaty work featuring a sophisticated tonal and harmonic palette, six-and-a-half minutes of timelessness before fading into the long-awaited Ineffable Mysteries. With original atmospheric and vocal samples from India, this tracks simple beginnings lead to a strong rhythmic drive and incredible sonic manipulations blending Raja Rams flute, Indian vocals, and synthesized creations.

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    Twisted Records: I liked a @YouTube video Why Do Fox News Love Guns So Much? Russell Brand The Trews (E97)

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    Twisted Records: --> sounds like "Foot Steps in Silicon" by @BenjiPrometheus (Benji Vaughan) from Even Tundra

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